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Los Angeles CA 90025

(310) 551-0918


At this time Inkwell is only accepting
solicited scripts for full productions.
Thank you for your interest, and please consider the Development LAB for any upcoming projects.

The Inkwell Theater
Gratefully acknowledges the generosity
Of the following individuals for their donations:

Community Outreach
We have used all of our producitons as a means to connect, educate, encourge young artists, & help support other organizations who also serve our community.

Spotlight on:

Early Childhood Parenting Center (ECPC)

Inkwell Theater has hosted numerous fundraisers & special performances to benefit ECPC, raising thousands over the last 5 years. While our missions to the community differ, we feel that in this economic climate it is more important than ever for non-profit organizations in diffferent fields, serving different segments of the community, to continue supporting one another.

ECPC is comprised of professionals in the fields of mental health, early childhood development, and parent education who volunteer their time and expertise because of a deep commitment to and passion for helping families.

Our mission is to help parents and early childhood professionals facilitate a healthy early developmental period for young children, thus laying for them a solid foundation on which to build mentally and emotionally throughout life.

Our philosophy is based on two core beliefs: that early attachment for infants and toddlers is essential for normal development, and that the patterns laid out in the first few years of life determine what happens later on, with families as well as children.