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The world premiere of


By Louise Munson
Directed by Annie McVey



July 18th - August 16th

Thanks to our cast, crew, staff and out passionate and supportive audiences

The Inkwell Theater

A unique program in Los Angeles, The Lab aims to bring the writer out of their office, or coffee shop, and into the rehearsal room. We believe that nothing benefits works-in-progress more than artistic collaboration, and are focused on developing new plays through a collaborative workshop process. We believe that by working in a rehearsal setting with a director and actors, a playwright can best further their play. During a six-week intensive process, writers will not only see and hear their original draft, but will see their re-writes, changes, and inspired ideas come to life. After all that work is accomplished, the play will be presented as a reading for leaders in the theatre community as well as our fellow artists and dedicated supporters.


Our watchwords are the lessons of Max K. Lerner, the namesake of our Fellowship:
Don't focus on the negative.
Go forward, not backward.
Keep your sense of humor.

Be a mentor.


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Most Recently from The LAB...
Sisters of Transformation

By By Jeremy Frazier
Directed by Annie McVey


Marlo Bernier, Andrew Fromer, Jamie Miller, Peter Monro,
Jennifer Kenyon, Domaine Javier


Produced by Daniel Shoenman

Ari Agbabian

Casting by
Lisa Pantone

Previously at the Development LAB


By Terence Anthony
Directed by Bonnie Hallman


Libby Clearfield, S.A. Griffin, Ken Narasaki, Tyson Turrou, Diarra Kilpatrick & Sola Bamis

Produced by Daniel Shoenman, Annie McVey & Tommy Dunn

Associate Producer - Natalie Rose

Recent Productions

Last Season on the Mainstage...

A Heap of Livin'
By Elliot Shoenman

Directed by Mark L. Taylor


Jayne Brook
Didi Conn
Lawrence Pressman
Salli Safiotti


Original Music By
David Shire

Fairy Tale Theatre:
18 and Over

By J. Michael Feldman

Directed by Annie McVey


J.Michael Feldman

Matt Cook
Tina Huang
Jess McKay

Courtney Pauroso
Eileen Mullane
Corey Podell
Kimrie Davis

By Elliot Shoenman

Directed by Mark L. Taylor


Annie Potts
Meredith Bishop
Michael Mantell
Daniel Taylor

Next from The Inkwell Theater Development LAB

"Fortune Wheel"

By Joey Damiano
Directed by Jeff Liu

Emily Kuroda, Peter James Smith, Burl Moseley, Deja Soufka

Monday, March 16th @ 8pm
Tuesday, March 17th @ 8pm
Wednesday, March 18th @ 8pm

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