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To our Patrons, Artists, and Friends:

In light of the recommendations by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Governor Gavin Newsom, and the most recent California Department of Health guidance regarding public gatherings, The Inkwell Theater will be temporarily closing our doors as of today, March 12th.
Out of an abundance of caution, we have canceled all performances of Waiting, as well as the remaining readings in this season’s Development LAB series. We will also be canceling our monthly Playwright’s Nights through May.

We are exceedingly proud of the commitment and exceptional creative work that the playwrights, directors, actors, and staff put into our season. However, the health and well-being of our audience, artists, and community must come first. We so much appreciate everyone who has attended events during our 2019-20 season, and we greatly value your support and loyalty.
We are working to reschedule the canceled events for a later date, and we will continue to give you updates in the future. All ticket holders with online purchases will automatically be refunded for the cost of the ticket and all fees associated.

Thank you again for your support and your loyalty. We will keep you updated through this dynamic situation and look forward to welcoming you back to Inkwell. In the meantime, please continue to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Daniel Shoenman

Artistic Director
The Inkwell Theater

The Inkwell Theater Development LAB

A unique program in Los Angeles, The Lab aims to bring the writer out of their office, or coffee shop, and into the rehearsal room. We believe that nothing benefits works-in-progress more than artistic collaboration, and are focused on developing new plays through a collaborative workshop process. We believe that by working in a rehearsal setting with a director and actors, a playwright can best further their play. During a one to  six-week intensive process, writers will not only see and hear their original draft, but will see their re-writes, changes, and inspired ideas come to life. After all that work is accomplished, the play will be presented as a reading for leaders in the theatre community as well as our fellow artists and dedicated supporters.

Our watchwords are the lessons of Max K. Lerner, the namesake of our Fellowship:
Don’t focus on the negative.
Go forward, not backward.
Keep your sense of humor.

Be a mentor.

More Information about
The Inkwell Development LAB

More Information about
The Max K. Lerner Playwrighting Fellowship

Submission and Application Guidelines

Last from the Inkwell LAB

a new play by Aja Houston

Directed by Susan Dalian

Featuring: Alexandra Churchwell, Mihara India, David McClain Jr., Kari Nicolle, Brandon Rachal, Carlis Shane Clark, Inger Tudor

Produced by Annie McVey

When Proctor passes into the afterlife, she finds herself a captive of “The Middle” — a place where Black souls killed for the sin of being “Spooks” are held until they earn their redemption. Proctor pushes back against the other members and the omnipresent system that governs them so she may be released into the promised paradise of “The Away.”

This Season at the Inkwell LAB

Original Tenants

a new play by Carole Braverman

Directed by Randee Trabitz

Featuring: Helen Duffy, Sharon Freedman, Kathe Mazur, Noelle Romano

Produced by Annie McVey

A middle aged woman returns to the Brooklyn neighborhood where she grew up to care for her ailing mother, and encounters some formidable ghosts from the past: an old friend with the seemingly perfect life, a candy store owner who was once her teenage boyfriend, and the shocking power of old grievances, the kind that can explode on you like long buried minefields. “You’ve always been a joker, Nina” her old friend tells her, but mortality is no joke. Or is it?

The Sister House

a new play by Stephanie Alison Walker

Directed by Randee Trabitz

Featuring: David Adler, Carrie Barrett, Leandro Cano, Aidan Elyse McCollough, Paula Weston Solano

Produced by Annie McVey & Daniel Shoenman

When Ramona decides to rent out her deceased husband’s office to a mysterious stranger, her daughter Ryan rebels. Three women and one imaginary vampire collide in a historic Victorian home with a past of its own, in this play about immortal love, mothers and daughters, and redemption.


a new play by Sarah Tuft

Directed by Jessica Hanna

Featuring: William Salyers, Christine Dunford, Meg Cashel & Eddie Goines

Produced by Daniel Shoenman & Annie McVey

A masterpiece of the American Theater, “The Crucible” would be the perfect comeback for blacklisted film director Ben Meyers after allegations of sexual harassment nearly derailed his career. So perfect, that Ben’s wife – the renowned stage actress Savannah Wainscott – arranges for him to helm the Broadway production in which she stars as Goody Proctor. But when Ben casts YouTube star Ashley Hart as Abigail Williams, Ashley’s objections to the play’s portrayal of women bring everything to a grinding halt. ABIGAIL looks at our post-#MeToo culture and asks: Has anything really changed?

Space Available

a new play by Jennie Webb

Directed by Judith Moreland

Featuring: Cherish Monique Duke, Alexandra Hellquist, Tamika Katon-Donegal, Beth Lane, Peter James Smith

Produced by Daniel Shoenman & Annie McVey

This is the story of Jane, a woman who’s managed to survive an absurd litany of profound misfortunes, but ends up taking a closer look at her own life choices – and what it means to have options – when faced with a surreal future no woman should have to live with. ‘Space Available’ is a play about a woman’s place and what (& who) we let define us.


a new play by Leenie Baker

Directed by Rosie Glen-Lambert

Featuring: Sutton Arabe, Nadege August, Jonathan Cho, Noah James, Hailey McAfee, Ammy Ontiveros

Produced by Annie McVey & Daniel Shoenman

In a time-bending journey from the Garden of Eden to modern-day, we follow God, envisioned as a young woman, in her quest to discover herself. ‘Genesis’ explores issues of faith, love, and power as God develops personal relationships with her creations. ‘Genesis’ asks, what does it mean to succeed—or fail–as a creator?


a new play by Aaron Braxton

Directed by Susan Dalian

Featuring – Elisa Perry, Brandon Rachal, Derek Shaun, Celestial, Pamela Shaddock, Mihara India, Patricia Belcher, Eddie Goines, James T. Lawson II, Yvans Jourdain

Produced by Annie McVey & Daniel Shoenman

A witty two-act dramatic play centered on the traumatic experiences of a woman rejecting psychological help while suffering hallucinations, pathological guilt, and addiction, “Broken” centers around the stigma of mental illness in an African American family.

Announcing Inkwell Theater’s 2019/2020 Development LAB Season!

“Broken” by Aaron Braxton

“Genesis” by Leenie Baker

“Space Available” by Jennie Webb

“Abigail” by Sarah Tuft

“The Sister House”
by Stephanie Walker

“Day of Saturn” by Leviticus Jelks

“Original Tenants”
by Carole Braverman

“Waiting” by Aja Houston

“Teen Dad” by Adrienne Dawes

“Gone” by Lolly Ward

“The String’s the Thing”
by Veronica Tjioe

Recently from The Inkwell Theater LAB

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Last Season on The Inkwell Theater Mainstage

Christmas Eve. After the sudden death of her brother, Charlotte has dropped out of society and joined a commune on Gondol Island. Concerned for her safety, Charlotte’s sisters EJ and Anne build a canoe to rescue her. “Sisters Three” is an off-center dramedy about family, social media, fame, the holidays, and the perfect cupcake.

The Inkwell Theater presents the world premiere of “Sisters Three”

by Jami Brandli

Directed by Annie McVey

Featuring: Robyn Cohen, Dana DeRuyck & Kara Hume

Set Design – Lex GernonLighting Design – Joey Guthman
Costume Design – Allison DillardSound Design – John Zalewski
Prop Design – Rebecca CarrDramaturge – Diana Wyenn
Stage Manager – Karen OsborneFight Director – Collin Bressie

Produced by Daniel Shoenman & Rosie Glen-Lambert

December 14th – January 20th

A guest production at VS. Theatre

Christmas Eve. After the sudden death of her brother, Charlotte has dropped out of society and joined a commune on Gondol Island. Concerned for her safety, Charlotte’s sisters EJ and Anne build a canoe to rescue her. “Sisters Three” is an off-center dramedy about family, social media, fame, the holidays, and the perfect cupcake.