About The Inkwell Theater

The Inkwell Theater is a writer’s theater company, dedicated to developing, supporting, and cultivating new plays and playwrights in the Los Angeles community. Focused exclusively on new works, we allow young artists and veterans alike to work in an environment of experimentation, freedom, and collaboration.
In 2004, under founding Artistic Director Elliot Shoenman, we first presented, “Only The Dead Know Burbank,” by Peter Lefcourt at The Hudson Theatre. From 2004 – 2012: “The Architect of Destiny”, “Sunset Park”, “Tango ‘Til Their Sore”, “All Steps Necessary”, “Moment In The Sun”, “Old Glories”, “The Ohio 4th”, the Ovation Award-nominated “AfterMath,” starring Annie Potts, “Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over” at the Matrix, and “Heap Of Livin’ “, with Lawrence Pressman and Didi Conn. In 2012 new Artistic Director Daniel Shoenman & Associate Artistic Director Annie McVey launched the Inkwell Development LAB, working in residency at the VS. Theatre. The LAB has now developed more than 20 new plays, many of which have gone on to full stage productions and film adaptations. Also out of that program came our some of our recent productions, “Luigi” by Louise Munson, “Currency” by Jennie Webb, and now “Sisters Three” by Jami Brandli.
We’re extremely proud of the work we’re doing at Inkwell and of the people involved in our productions. Over the years we’ve become a family, committed and passionate.