The Inkwell Playwright’s Promise Award

The Inkwell Theater Development LAB is the proud sponsor of the Playwright’s Promise Award for Hollywood Fringe Festival. The award uniquely recognizes the writer of a Fringe production. It is based on the play itself, not necessarily the production.

Our judging panel is comprised of veteran, award-winning Los Angeles theatre directors, playwrights, actors, designers, and producers, as well as Inkwell’s Artistic and Literary staff. Each eligible production will be seen by members of the panel, and the play will be assigned a score in categories including, Use of Character, Plot, Structural elements, Language, Implementation of Style, and Unique Voice. These categories will be averaged to determine the score of the play.

Previous Winners of the Playwright’s Promise Award

“Max & Elsa: No Music. No Children” by Mason Flink & Lindsay Kerns (2015)
“Odilia” by Vanessa Espino (2016)
“In The Valley of The Shadow” by Katherine Cortez (2017)
“Fort Huachuca” by Ailema Sousa (2018)
“Butcher Holler Here We Come!” by Casey Wimpee (2019)