Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Playwright’s Night will be going Virtual

We hope that you are well, that your loved ones are well, and that you are comfortable and safe during this challenging time. A bright spot in the darkness: We are excited to introduce a virtual varient of our Monthly “Playwright’s Nights”, beginning on Monda,y April 6th at 6pm!

We have loved offering space for you all to create and connect since September, and we missed you all terribly this month. In an effort to continue to foster the creativity and community we have built through these monthly events, we invite you to sign up have your work read virtually by our incredible Inkwell actors!

If you would like to register, please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions, please contact us at playwrightsnight@inkwelltheater.com.

Playwright’s Night

Playwright’s Night is an exciting new series of cold reading events and opportunities.
Writers are invited to bring up to 10 pages of material to be read by a group of our Inkwell actors.
“Playwright’s Night” will be held throughout our season on the third Wednesday of each month.

There are three steps for playwrights who wish to participate:

  1. Register using the form below. This will add you to the pool of eligible writers for the upcoming month. Registration begins the Friday after each Playwright’s Night and closes the Sunday proceeding the next.
  2. Arrive at the theatre between 6:15pm and 6:40pm on the night of the event to confirm your place.
  3. At 6:40pm 6 names will be randomly selected from the pool of registered playwrights who have checked-in.


  1. You may bring up to 10 pages of your play. It can be at any stage of your process, including brand new work. These must be printed with enough copies for each character in your play (including stage directions.)
  2. Your pages may include up to 10 characters (up to 9 if you will need an actor to read stage directions). We will assemble a group of performers with as much gender, ethnic and age diversity as possible for each evening. Given that this group of actors will need to accommodate all 6 readings in an evening, we will do our best but cannot guarantee actors will perfectly match all characters. Your selection must include detailed character descriptions with age, ethnicity, and gender breakdowns. (You can always say “Any Age/Any Ethnicity/Any Gender)
  3. If you are selected as one of the writers for a given night, you will be assigned a group of actors who will have 15 minutes to look over the script before reading. There will be no time given for direction.

Where: VS. Theatre 5453 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019 (venue infomation)


Q: I’ve never written anything before! Is this program still for me?
A: Yes!

Q: I’m a professional writer. Is this program still for me?
A: Yes!

Q: I’m not a writer, but I’d like to come hear the work being read! Am I invited?
A: Yes! You can come to listen, just keep in mind seating is limited!

Q: My piece features a character that needs to be played by a person of a specific race/gender/age. Can Inkwell guarantee that I will have access to an actor who will fit that description?
A: We do our best to assemble a diverse group of volunteers for each night to accommodate any piece a writer brings in, but with just 15-18 actors, it is impossible to guarantee that we will have a group that contains every actor your piece may need. If you have any specific concerns regarding this issue prior to an upcoming Playwright’s Night, please email playwrightsnight@inkwelltheater.com

Q: My script has more than 9 characters, but it can be double/triple cast! Is that ok?
A: Yes! But you’ll need to specifically denote how characters will be double/triple cast down in your printed draft.

Q: Can Inkwell print my scripts for me?
A: No, unfortunately. You will need to bring your own copies.

Q: Can I bring copies for actors to share?
A: We ask that you bring enough copies for each actor, including stage directions.


Q: Can I bring a friend to act in my piece?
A: Generally, no. Please email playwrightsnight@inkwelltheater.com if you’d like to further discuss a reason for needing to bring in an outside actor.

Q: May I act in my own piece?
A. No. This is an opportunity to hear your work! We want you to enjoy and learn from it.

Q: Does having my piece read in a “Playwright’s Night” make it ineligible for selection for the LAB?
A: Nope! You can still submit it.

Q: Ten Pages back and front or ten pages single sided?
A: Single sided, please. (But feel free to bring in 5 double-sided Pages!)

Q: Is it true I have to arrive by 6:40 to remain in the pool of plays to be randomly selected?
A: Yes! We need 20 minutes to cast and allow the actors to glance at the selected pieces! If you don’t arrive by 6:40 your name will be removed.

Q: May I attend more than one Playwright’s Night?
A: We hope you will!