Playwrights' Night has gone Virtual

Due to all of the great work that has been done with this program, it has grown beyond its original envisioning into something that requires its own logistics and artistic team.

This program is very special to us, and we are committed to continuing these nights in the future. But that path forward requires that we go silent for a little bit.

We will be updating again as soon as the program is ready to re-launch, and hope that you’ll be a part of Playwrights’ Night for many years to come.

We hope that you are well, that your loved ones are well, and that you are comfortable and safe during this challenging time. A bright spot in the darkness: We are excited to introduce a virtual variant of our Monthly “Playwrights’ Nights”! 

We have loved offering space for you all to create and connect since September 2019. In an effort to continue to foster the creativity and community we have built through these monthly events, we invite you to sign up have your work read virtually by our incredible Inkwell actors!

If you would like to register, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Virtual Playwrights' Night

Virtual Playwrights’ Night is an exciting new series of Zoom Webinar cold readings of new plays.

Writers are invited to submit up to 8 pages of material. Five playwrights will be randomly selected, and their work will be read live over Zoom by a group of our Inkwell actors

Playwrights’ Night will be held throughout the year on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

There are four steps for playwrights who wish to participate:

  1. Register and submit your 8 pages using the form. This will add you to the pool of eligible writers for the upcoming month. Registration begins the Friday after each Playwrights’ Night and closes at 10am the Friday proceeding the next.
  2. Check your email on the Sunday before Playwrights’ Night. You will receive notice if your piece has been randomly selected.
  3. If your piece is selected, you will be notified via email by our VPN Producer. Selected playwrights will have until end of day on Sunday proceeding the event to confirm their attendance and maintain their spot.
  4. You will be automatically enrolled as a panelist in the Zoom webinar and will receive an email with a link to join.


  1. You may submit up to 8 pages of your play. It can be at any stage of your process, including brand new work.
  2. Your pages may include up to 10 characters INCLUDING a stage direction reader. We will assemble a group of performers with as much gender, ethnic and age diversity as possible for each evening. Given that this group of actors will need to accommodate all 6 readings in an evening, we will do our best but cannot guarantee actors will perfectly match all characters. Your selection must include detailed character descriptions with age, ethnicity, and gender breakdowns. (You can always say “Any Age/Any Ethnicity/Any Gender)
  3. If you are selected as one of the writers for a given night, you will be assigned a group of actors who will be sent your script prior to the event. There will be no time given for direction.



Q: I’ve never written anything before! Is this program still for me?

A: Yes!


Q: I’m a professional writer. Is this program still for me?

A: Yes!


Q: I’m not a writer, but I’d like to join to hear the work being read! Am I invited?

A: Yes! You can join our audience by following this audience link.


Q. I’m not a Los Angeles based playwright. Can I participate now that these events are virtual?

A. Absolutely! That is one of the fun advantages of going virtual! We love to see submissions from across the country (or world!). Just keep in mind that all announced times will be listed in PST.


Q: My piece features a character that needs to be played by a person of a specific race/gender/age. Can Inkwell guarantee that I will have access to an actor who will fit that description?

A: We do our best to assemble a diverse group of volunteers for each night to accommodate any piece a writer brings in, but with just 15-20 actors, it is impossible to guarantee that we will have a group that contains every actor your piece may need. If you have any specific concerns regarding this issue prior to an upcoming Playwright’s Night, please email


Q: My script has more than 9 characters, but it can be double/triple cast! Is that ok?

A: Yes! But you’ll need to specifically denote how characters will be double/triple cast in your submitted draft.

Q: Can I invite a friend to act in my piece?

A: Generally, no. Please email if you’d like to further discuss a reason for needing to bring in an outside actor.



Q: May I act in my own piece?
A. No. This is an opportunity to hear your work! We want you to enjoy and learn from it.

 Q: Does having my piece read in a “Virtual Playwrights ‘Night” make it ineligible for selection for the LAB?

A: Nope! You can still submit it.


Q: Eight Pages back and front or ten pages single sided?

A: Single sided, please. Standard 12 point font, regularly spaced.


Q. How strict are you about page numbers? What if I go a little over?

A. We need to ensure that we keep these events moving. For that reason, we will need to be very strict about page limits. If your script goes over 8 pages (or uses very small font) we will ask actors to cut off at the eight page mark.


Q. Didn’t it used to be ten pages?

A. Good catch! Yes, our in-person events typically have a ten page limit, but for our Virtual Playwrights’ Nights we are limiting page numbers to 8. This helps ensure that the event moves at a steady pace.


Q. Are there any restrictions on material?


A. We believe that there should be no censorship in art, but for this free, online viewership we have to be extra careful about pieces with triggering content. We have had incidents in the past and have taken these lessons to heart but we do support art in all its forms and humor. To that end, if you are randomly selected but your piece contains triggering content, the VPN Producer will contact you to discuss some options.


Q: Do I need to sign in to the Webinar early as a selected playwright?

A: Yes! We will ask you to sign in 10 minutes early to make sure you’re set up with working sound and video.


Q. What if I have never used Zoom before? Or attended a Zoom Webinar?

A. We can try our best to help you! Email if you need assistance.


Q. As an audience member, will I be able to be seen and heard?

A. No, audience members will not be able to be seen and heard. However, you can feel free to express your applause, questions, and reactions through Zoom’s chat feature!

Q: May I participate in more than one Virtual Playwrights’ Night?

A: We hope you will!

Virtual Playwrights’ Night will be on a brief hiatus. 
We look forward to seeing you later in 2023!

The deadline for Wednesday, June 19th is Saturday,  June  15th